Monday, 4 January 2010

o the forest the forest

i sort of like this one

his feet creaked on the platform he sighed and said o the forest the forest i said what dyou mean he said look at it just look its a forever spectrum mine i said yeah it looks nice but what if you get eaten or catch something its too far too empty to get help he said no he said all the help you need is there and he said its not empty not ever empty he said there are people yeah not many ill grant you but that doesnt matter every poison you find there somewhere near theres a cure every jaguar every harpy somewhere near theres a rock or a sharp stick he said more than that it will heal you in spirit in mind and in spirit he said think of a vine longest youve ever seen strung with turquoise with feathers with wind chimes think of running your finger down it for days the music youd make thats the forest thats what it does plus as homo sapiens he said its been given to us to have a transformative intellect we have that capacity to look at the world then change it the world new where a snake sees trees we see an infinite procession of possibilities going backwards forever you couldnt count them all like i said a forever spectrum mine and i said well yeah but could you live there and he sort of turned away and i guessed he wanted me to leave and i walked back off the platform onto the boat then when i got back to my hotel i called up my ex i said i just wanted to say hi she said im really glad you made it out there i said yeah i said thanks then we talked and i hung up and i went to the bar and drank mescal which i dont know where he got it and i watched the band they werent great they played standards i was drunk it was hard getting upstairs to bed

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