Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I'm not good at titles

This is called cool face because yeah

was walking between trees
hung with metrehigh thin canvas
prints of leni and veidts the man
who laughs a silent classic

thoughts on the topic interrupted
by mobile phone buzzing
hornet in my pocket digging
us both back into a world with
sound the phone was shivering
my time away aging me years in

so turned it off stared into
sideways eyes where was
he smiling under the knife
with his shades could easily
find him in a rorschach test
but wouldnt reflect well on
me probably

fog stuck in conversation
with branches made the
only movement in the day
my untimely aging
somewhat uncomfortable with

but on the plus side nothing
dripped down no rain no
birds if theyd come theyd
have brought rolledup pictures
but not veidt maybe something
by hopper fitting if theyd been
pigeons but in the end they
didnt come

would find it harder to do
this kind of thing in his
preferred background anyway
maybe best to find my
way out turn my phone
back on that way can
connect up find out
where im going

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